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   An outstanding smile !
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The all new Special Kiwis Smiles Stander will give you and your kid many reasons to smile. We developed this attractive and very practical postural stabilizer to satisfy many health and practical body management needs in a beautiful, simple, and yet affordable way. The smiles stander is made out of hygienic grade polyethylene, which means it is resistant against bacteria, mould, fungus and dirt. It will fit children from 2 to 9 years approximately, regardless of their weight or complexion.

Just like all other Special Kiwis products, the smiles pediatric stander is made with high quality materials, parts and high tech processes. For example, We included the award winning Tente - Smiles ® casters with cute animals shapes, which have been awarded several design prizes for their quality and design. We can be sure this will put an extra smile on your child.

To reduce formation of pressure sores, all cushions have our exclusive combination of high and low density foams. Their shapes adapt to the body and can be gradually adjusted as the child grows, and of course they all have adjustable - removable straps. The knee pad includes an abduction wedge, and the foot rests have 3 velcro straps. If all that is not enough, the main advantage of the smiles pediatric stander is its price. You will not believe that a standing frame with such advantages could be more economical than many of the pine wood standing tables, so it's perfect for home or school use. That's another reason to enjoy this kind of smile.

   Product description  

The stylish New Zealand designed, Smiles Stander is made with high quality parts and materials. It fits children from 2 to 9 years approximately for correcting and attaining a neutral body upright posture and improving weight bearing endurance.

The structure and activities tray are made with Sanalite ® hygienic grade polyethylene, which means they are very durable and resistant to mould and fungus, so you can be confident to let your children play or eat on it. They are also very solid, water resistant and quite simple to assemble and clean. An ample activities tray will let your child explore, play and enjoy while being face to face with others, which encourages self confidence and builds a better social interaction.

The ergonomic shapes in washable colorful vinyl upholstery, adjust to the body for a perfect natural posture alignment, and their exclusive combination of durable high density and low density foam, helps prevent pressure sores. All cushions are gradually adjustable and have durable strap restraints with easily adjustable buckles, so the stander can grow along with your kid.

Your kid will love the Award winning Smiles:-) Castors featuring lovely animal shapes. They all have convenient individual brakes to make the stander fully static.

  •  Fully adjustable stander, suitable for children from 2 to 9 years
  •  Water resistant Sanalite ® hygienic white plastic structure.
  •  Easy and fast to assemble and/or make gradual adjustments
  •  Can be set in 2 angles: vertical and prone 15 degrees.
  •  Spacious activities tray made out of hygienic grade polyethylene
  •  Play table can be adjusted in 4 different heights
  •  4 Tente Smiles ;-) casters with individual brakes
  •  Adjustable straps with plastic buckles
  •  Completely washable feet platform is also made of hygienic grade plastic.
  •  Resistant to mould and fungus
  •  Adjustable feet retainers have 3 velcro straps for fast and easy use
  •  Vynil upholstered chest and knee supports, fully adjustable
  •  Cushions are made with a combination of high density and low density foams to prevent pressure sores
  •  Knee abductor wedge integrated into knee cushion
  •  Hand handles on both sides of the stander for easy transfer
Contact a representative to make an order

   Product specifications  


ISO Classification 04 48 08B : Paediatric standing frame

Industrial design registry pending. IPONZ 410751


  •  Structure, foot rest and tray : Sanalite ® Hygienic grade polyethylene
  •  Cushions : Vinyl upholstered foam
  •  Castors : Tente Smiles ;-)


  •  Chest support height (platform to upper edge) : 92 cm maximum
  •  Pelvic support width : 36 cm
  •  Knee padding width : 35 cm
  •  Footprint : 43 cm x 57 cm
  •  Overall Height (vertical) : 112 cm
  •  Tilting : vertical 0 degrees, 15 degrees prone
  •  Maximum height of child : 130 cm approx.
  •  Activities table : 48 cm x 57 cm
  •  Foot platform : 48 cm x 36 cm
  •  Package box :
  •  Weight :-- kg

   Accessories & spare parts  
download assembly instructions Assembly instructions
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  Price: $990.00 NZD + shipping & handling
Price, specifications and dimensions are subject to change at any time.

To order, please contact your nearest sales representative.

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